The AFIRM Group’s mission:
To reduce the use and impact of harmful substances in the apparel and footwear supply chain.

Our Vision

AFIRM continues to be a recognized global center of excellence, providing resources to enable continuous advancement of chemical management best practices. We do this based on transparency, science, and collaboration with relevant industries and experts to build safer and more sustainable chemistry within the apparel and footwear supply chains.

Our Purpose

To provide a forum to advance the global management of restricted substances in apparel and footwear, communicate information about RSL to the supply chain, discuss concerns, and exchange ideas for improving RSL management.

Guiding Principles

  • Chemical product safety must be understood in the global supply chain as an integrated whole, from workplace to consumer.
  • Chemical product safety can only be achieved through partnership among retailers, suppliers and manufacturers.
  • Retailers must encourage suppliers’ and manufacturers’ self-governance of chemical product safety within their spheres.

Achieved By

  • Meeting in person on an annual basis to provide a forum for discussion, exchange and professional development.
  • Participating in telephone conference calls.
  • Organizing task forces that explore and report out on special topics (e.g., Vendor Event, Toolkit).
  • Presenting seminars for the apparel and footwear supply chain.
  • Developing solutions for sharing information in order to continually improve our current practices.
  • Finding and optimizing benchmark opportunities.

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