About AFIRM Group

Founded in 2004, the Apparel and Footwear International RSL Management (AFIRM) Group is a brand-driven membership organization of apparel and footwear companies collaborating to promote chemicals management in the global supply chain. AFIRM is facilitated by the Phylmar Group, an environmental health & safety and sustainability consulting company based in California. Since its founding, AFIRM’s focus has been the continuous advancement of chemicals management including phasing out or limiting restricted substances to established limits in apparel, footwear, and accessories.


AFIRM’s Steering Committee is responsible for oversight of the organization, including governance, strategic direction, and partnerships. Steering Committee members serve two-year terms of service on a volunteer basis subject to approval by the membership.

AFIRM’s Public Policy and Compliance Committee monitors product chemical regulatory proposals and engages policymakers with recommendations to ensure regulatory frameworks are pragmatic and advance chemicals management in the apparel and footwear industry. The Committee also develops guidance to assist members in their compliance programs and submits regulatory filings on behalf of members.

AFIRM’s RSL Committee is responsible for maintaining the group’s industry leading Restricted Substances List and Packaging Restricted Substances List on an annual basis. The Committee meets twice annually and divides its work across ad hoc Subcommittees and Task Forces as necessary to meet the organization’s objectives.

The Data Committee aggregates and analyzes chemical testing data to support multiple AFIRM objectives and assess the organization’s progress in phasing out or limiting restricted substances to established limits.

AFIRM’s Training Committee produces and maintains publicly available educational tools and guidance on restricted substances for brands, retailers and the global supply chain. Examples include AFIRM’s Chemistry Toolkit and Chemical Information Sheets. AFIRM also holds Supplier Training Seminars in global production regions every couple of years, which are planned by an ad hoc Supplier Seminar Planning Committee.

AFIRM’s Laboratory Technical Advisory Committee is comprised of members of the global laboratory networks and advises the organization on test methods and related issues as part of the annual RSL update process. More information is available here.

AFIRM’s LabTAC Engagement Committee works collaboratively with Lab Technical Advisory Committee members to harmonize and improve sampling and chemical testing procedures globally for apparel, footwear, and related products.

Steering Committee

Ayyappan AKS

Levi Strauss & Co. – Global Product Safety Manager

Lisa Clerici

Under Armour – Sr. Manager Global Restricted Substances Compliance

Linn Farhadi

H&M Group – Global Chemical Compliance Expert

Anna Gross

VF Corporation – Manager, Product Stewardship

Marcus Kuerner

adidas – Global Director Product Safety

Amy Lee

J. Crew Group Inc. - Senior Director, Product Compliance and Trims Sourcing

Mike Schaadt

Nike – Senior Chemistry Manager


Nathaniel Sponsler


Elena Slagle

Program Coordinator

Peter Gregory

Lab Technical Advisory Committee Coordinator

Committee Chairs

Dennis Go

Packaging RSL Committee Chair

HUGO BOSS – Manager Product & Environment

Marcus Kuerner

LabTAC Engagement Committee Chair

adidas – Global Director Product Safety

Kristen Miro

RSL Committee Co-Chair

Carhartt – Sr. Manager, Product Safety & Compliance

John Moraes

Training Committee Chair

Nike – Chemical Compliance Manager - Footwear

Sonam Priya

RSL Committee Co-Chair

lululemon – Chemicals Management Lead

Mike Schaadt

Data Committee Chair

Nike – Senior Chemistry Manager

Nathaniel Sponsler

Public Policy & Compliance Committee Chair

AFIRM Group – Director

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