AFIRM RSL Seminar 2018

Thanks to our Sponsors for the AFIRM RSL Seminar 2018


Click on the links below to download PDF copies of the presentations

Welcome – Julie Thompson, Gymboree Group (Vietnamese)

AFIRM History & Industry Landscape for Restricted Substances – Nathaniel Sponsler, AFIRM (Vietnamese)

Vietnam Chemical Regulations and Circular No. 21/2017/TT-BCT – Nguyễn Văn Hải, Vietnam Department of Industry and Trade – Environmental Safety Technology Division (Vietnamese)

AFIRM RSL, Chemistry Toolkit & Guidance Sheets – Lisa Clerici, Under Armour (Vietnamese)

Exploring AFIRM Tools & Resources – Greg Montello, New Balance (Vietnamese)

Chemical Management Plans & Integration into Factory Process and Management – Oliver Muth, C&A (Vietnamese)

RSL Corrective Actions – Marcus Kuerner, adidas (Vietnamese)

Reoccurring Failures Roleplay – John Moraes, Nike (Vietnamese)

Case Study: Eliminating PFCs – Anna Biverstål & Linn Farhadi, H&M (Vietnamese)

Case Study: Water-based PU vs DMF PU – Kenneth Leung, Esprit (Vietnamese)

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