2006 RSL Seminar in Hong Kong

AFIRM RSL Seminar Agenda

Restricted Substances List Seminar
31 March 2006
Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre
Hong Kong


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  1. Introduction to AFIRM – Betsy Blaisdell, Global Supply Chain, Timberland
  2. Purpose of Session – Jeffrey Birtwistle, C&A
  3. RSL – Definitions and Why – Sean Cady, Levi Strauss & Co.
  4. Chemical Categories – Marcus Kuerner, adidas
  5. Examples of Failures – John Frazier, Nike
  6. Implementation: Sources of Failures – Phil Patterson, Marks & Spencer
  7. Implementation: Tips for Compliance – Mattias Bodin, H&M
  8. Testing – Reiner Hengstmann, PUMA
  9. Questions – Pam Utz, GAP, Inc.
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