2007 RSL Seminar in Shanghai

Thanks to our Sponsors for the 2007 RSL Seminar in Shanghai


Click on a link below to download a PDF copy of the presentations:

Opening and Welcome – Elizabeth Treanor, Director, AFIRM (ChineseChinese

How China is Protecting Consumers of Apparel and Footwear – Government Official (ChineseChinese

Introduction to AFIRM – Josh Kasteler, The Timberland Co. (ChineseChinese

Purpose of Session – Kevin Myette, REI (ChineseChinese

RSL – Definitions and Why – Sean Cady, Levi Strauss & Co. (ChineseChinese

Chemical Categories – Tara Young, Tesco (ChineseChinese

Examples of Failures – John Frazier, Nike (ChineseChinese

Implementation: Sources of Failures – Phil Patterson, Marks & Spencer (ChineseChinese

Testing – Reiner Hengstmann, PUMA (ChineseChinese

AFIRM List – Linda Peffer, Nordstrom (ChineseChinese

Guidance for RSL Implementation –

Mattias Bodin, H&M (One Version – English and Chinese) Chinese

Ms. Beth Bei, BASF (One Version – English and Chinese) Chinese

Ms. Zhu, ChangZhou Tianhe Printing & Dyeing (One Version – English and Chinese) Chinese

Dr. Samuel Wong, Bureau Veritas (One Version – English and Chinese) Chinese

Implications of REACH for Suppliers – Jeffrey Birtwistle, C&A

Dr. Dianna Poon, SGS Hong Kong (One Version – English and Chinese) Chinese

Wastewater Issues for Suppliers

John Frazier, Nike – (Chinese VersionChinese

Peter Waeber, Bluesign Industries – (Chinese VersionChinese

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